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2011/12/15  New photos from our puppies! Boys FOR SALE! More >>

30/11/2011  We have puppies!

06/11/2011  Health tests results: HD, ED, SD, OCD, CEA, RD, PRA, Kat, FREE !

06/11/2011 Our Kora - The Queen of the living room :)

19/09/2011 We have new pages for Aphrodite & Achilles  :)


Gallery from Bambi >>


Gallery >>



We received stunning photos from ADONIS, from USA - Thank you very much the photos from Carri Jones & for the great work of Jeni West  - I am so happy to could see my beautiful boy in such an excellent hands! Gallery >>


18/05/2011 Our last show results...   Gallery >>


30/04/2011 Our last show results, from the International Dog Show Szilvásvárad:  Gallery >>



11/04/2011 Today Kora & Kimba are 6 years old! Happy Birthday for Litter 'K'!


14/03/2011 New photos from  Kora   Gallery >>



Some walk photos from Cherry (19 months old) , Aphrodite & Achilles ( 8 months old)... Gallery >>



We received beautiful new photos from "Zara" - Mountain Crystal Amethyst - thank you for the owners! Gallery >>


28/01/2011 We received beautiful new photos from "Nick", he is taking big excursions in the mountain Alps

Torre d ovarda kennel, bernese mountain dogs


28/01/2011 We take a little excursion with Achilles & Aphrodite to the nearest town "Markaz"  Go to the gallery >>


18/01/2011 Go to the gallery >>


05/01/2011 Happy 9. Birthday Saba! Go to the gallery >>


03/01/2011 New photos from Nick (Amore Mio 6 months old) Thank you Anna these georgeous photos!!!

Go to the gallery >>


03/01/2011 New photos from Adonis (6 months old) Thank you Carri! Go to the gallery >>




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